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Production Name Earphone with MIC
Speaker Diameter 10mm
Wire Length 120cm±3%
Style In-Ear
Vocalism Principle Dynamic
Communication Wired
Feature Noise cancelling
Plug Type Dia 3.5mm
Impedance 32Ohm±15%
Mic Yes
Customized OEM/ODM
Use Mobile Phone,Aviation,Computer,Dj,Gaming,Sports,Audiop
Earplug/Earcup Material Silica gel
Place of Origin Guangxi,China
Impedance: Pay attention to the difference between the meaning of resistance. In the world of direct current (DC), the effect of objects on the current is called resistance, but in the field of alternating current (AC), in addition to resistance hindering current, capacitance and inductance It will also hinder the flow of current, this effect is called reactance, and what we call impedance is the sum of resistance and reactance in a vector. The unit of headphone impedance is Ω. Generally speaking, the lower the headphone impedance, the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to drive and make sound.Sensitivity: The sound pressure level that the earphone can emit when the power of 1 milliwatt is input to the earphone (the unit of sound pressure is decibels, the greater the sound pressure, the greater the volume), so generally the higher the sensitivity and the lower the impedance, the earphone The easier it is to make a sound, the easier it is to drive. Frequency Response (Frequency Response): The sensitivity value corresponding to the frequency is the frequency response, and the graph is the frequency response curve. The range that human hearing can reach is about 20Hz-20000Hz. The current mature headset technology has reached this Require1. No matter listening to music,playing games or calling compatible with major systems 2. 3.5mmplug compatible with various audio devices,comfortable and soft silicone earplugs 3. In-ear wired headset are portable、simple、fashion and easy to remote Control 4. High-quality sound and extremely comfortable wearing. 5. Perfect companion for running jogging, gym and other outdoor sports. 6. Ergononic carbuds& soft silicone eartips.01. How to deal with the damaged goods in transportation? If the product problem is caused by us, such as the products get missing, the products were sent to wrong place, We would compensate for all.   02. How to deal with Customs clearance problems? If the problem appears in our Customs, we’ll be responsible, if it appears in clients’, we’ll try our best to cooperate with customs to solve the problem, such as offering the clearance document and other things we can do.   03. What conditions should be considered to return goods. A. Goods were delivered by YJ. B. Goods are within warranty.   04. How long will YJ take to deal with the returned goods? We will provide the first feedback within 5 working days.   05. How to deal with the responsibility when the goods are in transportation You would bear the full responsibility for shortage of goods if the goods are checked by any custom during transportation. If goods are lost because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by YJ; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by you.

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